‘‘That the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work’

 Timothy 3:17 ESV

Mundesley  Free  Church.
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30 March 2017

Find a home for Roger and Lesley (please).

Using the website Rightmove and assuming you have a budget of £350000 find what you think is a suitable property for them in:

  1.  postcode area W1K.
  2.  Cromer.
  3.  Dalkeith.

13 April 2017

Find “live” webcams.

1. Scandinavia - webcams that separately cover the 4 capital cities of Scandinavia

2. Webcam that covers the capital of Estonia.

3. Rialto Bridge webcam in Venice.

4. St Mark’s Venice webcam.


27 April 2017

Ray from Ridlington is soon to climb Ben Nevis in Scotland.

What he wants to know is:

1. What are the highest peaks in the UK and their heights?

2. What are the highest mountains in each of the continents and where are they?

For bonus points please send him a picture of your favourite mountain.

He would be grateful if you could send the answers to him at ray.allcoat@gmail.com

11 May 2017

Keen on crosswords?

Try the ones at this link

Let us know how you’ve got on!

25 May 2017

Last time we asked what are the highest mountains in each of the continents for Ray’s next adventure.

This time we would like you to tell him how to reach each of these mountains starting from Mundesley?

He would be grateful if you could send the answers to him at ray.allcoat@gmail.com

8 June 2017

Last time we asked for the best route Ray could take to the world’s highest mountains. Lesley MacGill plotted a great route to the Himalayas with Mount Everest as the target - starting point with the X55 coach from Mundesley to North Walsham railway station.

This time we would like you to tell Ray what equipment he will need for ascending the 8848m peak (29029 feet).

He needs to know the approximate cost of the equipment as he may need to sell his house to pay for it..

As always he would be grateful if you could send the information to him at ray.allcoat@gmail.com. Please write what you find down on paper or if you have time type it into  a readable computer file using NOTEPAD, WORD etc.

Finally……..Ray needs a holiday after all this effort and expense - please suggest the best location for Ray and Jo his dog, to take some well earned R&R!

22 June 2017

This week’s Computer Church challenge is about researching for things you’d like to buy while keeping to a budget.

You’ll receive an envelope within which you will find a card. On this card is a number which represents the amount of money that you have to budget to.

You must spend exactly the amount of money stated on your card - not a penny more nor a penny less. We want you to buy any 3 articles of your choice.

Towards the end of today’s session we’ll share how people went about this task, what they bought and why, and look for some proof that they did indeed spend exactly the sum on their card!

13 July 2017

This week’s Computer Church mission, should you decide to accept it, is to recommend a holiday destination for anyone in this room today.

The cost of the holiday must not exceed 10000 Polish Zloty.

You are asked to record in an email to this person:

  1. The place;
  2. Your favourite picture of it;
  3. Why you think this would be good for this person;
  4. List 3 attractions at this place that will be of interest.

27 July 2017

Thank goodness for that I hear you say -”The last session of Computer Church” as it takes a summer break.

Check back here for for a calendar of future CC dates.

 This week we are having some quizzes, coffee, cake and a small presentation to thank you for coming along. This will be given by the pastor, John Leaf.

I wonder which of these church wardens will eat the most cake?